2015-11-07 : Came across this cd last semester. I was the music director for the college radio station, so I gave it a listen to see which tracks were okay to put in the system. Wish I had the info then. Really enjoyed some of these songs, but mostly the variety of styles!
           (Answer: Missed opportunity :/)
2015-08-19 : #9 @Gypsy Coffeehouse, Tulsa, OK. Loving the tunes am
           (Answer: Loved the Americano! Awesome place!)
           (Answer: Here)
2014-08-10 : New Song hindi
2014-06-18 : What is this! Found one at our coffee shop behind some paintings! This is so cool
2014-06-13 : found you in New Orleans - now keeping us entertained on our road trip. Taking you back to the UK with me to share there
2014-04-09 : My favorite is #24!
2014-03-24 : How did you make it all the way to Saint John, New Brunswick?
           (Answer: through the bay of fundy)
2013-11-13 : Oh this is just fantastic.
2013-09-24 : just got this cd at WOBC Oberlin college. kind of dope. what is this
           (Answer: Thurdy)
2013-09-12 : dope
2013-06-08 : Found this at Philbrook in Tulsa OK. Weird.
2013-03-25 : got it
2013-02-07 : What the heck is this??!?
           (Answer: Thurdy)